Crystal Grid Jewelry originated as a personal means for me to carry the healing energies of various crystal grids I created for support, while still experiencing the multidimensional change I was eliciting for myself. As I began wearing my Crystal Grid Jewelry: My clients, friends and family requested that I create pieces to facilitate energy work for them as well. I find many of my clients’ desir e assistance with holding a specific vibration but do not want to carry rocks in their pockets. As such, I facilitate vibrational adjustments to assist in finding and maintaining which vibration is correct for the client. Throughout the treatment and design process, I realized that many of my clients were dealing with similar issues and needed similar types of jewelry; as they transitioned through various phases of spiritual development. Thus, I utilize my knowledge of design and vibration to create Crystal Grid Jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is designed to bring in the vibration a specific client is seeking. Each creation has a specific purpose and assists in holding the vibrations of the stones within the grid. This enables the wearer to begin a metamorphosis toward the energy they are seeking. To better meet the increasing need in a timelier manner, I began designing those crystal grids in advance. Crystal Grid Jewelry is available for purchase from me personally at the various conferences where I display them, as well as, by contacting me directly. Prices and grid composition are available upon request.