Treatment Description


Reiki is an energetic healing treatment that is thought to have been initiated in Japan.

The word Reiki can be broken down into two parts. The first REI translates to mean “of God or the Universe” the second KI translates in English to mean “Energy or Life Force”.


When combined, Reiki translates to “God Energy” or “Universal Life Force”. 

The key element in Reiki is balance. A practitioner of Reiki becomes a conduit for the energy to be directed into your body to bring it back into a state of homeostasis or balance.

A Reiki treatment begins with a consultation to determine what systems are out of balance and prioritize the client’s goals. During the consultation, chronic illnesses or medications that the client is taking may be charted to fully insure the client’s comfort and safety.

An average Reiki treatment is done with the client lying on their back, fully clothed, on a padded table. They may be covered with a thin blanket or sheet if desired. A Reiki treatment takes approximately an hour and is extremely relaxing. At completion the client is usually afforded time to discuss the treatment and offered a glass of water to refresh them after the session. During my treatment of clients I sometimes receive intuitive information and am happy to share that with them as well.

Reiki One Description


I am a Master Reiki Teacher

I teach the Japanese (Traditional Reiki System) as well as the Western Usui System of Natural Healing in a series of three classes. As my student you will be attuned to both of these systems.


The First Level of Reiki

In the First Level of Reiki you will learn the following:

  • What is Reiki and Where did it begin

  • What the Precepts and Principals of Reiki are

  • How to prepare to give a Reiki Treatment

  • Hand positions for Treatment of Self and Others

  • The Opening Symbol to connect to Reiki

  • How to connect to the Reiki energy

  • How to cut Etheric Cords and Disconnect from others

  • How to Ground after a Reiki treatment

  • Your Western Reiki Lineage

  • Plus more

Historically, Reiki assists one in opening to the intuitive process allowing them to see, feel, hear or know more about the world they are in. Most students find this to be helpful when treating clients and approaching situations that call for balance.

This class takes from 5-7 hours depending on the size of the group.

Reiki Two Description


My Reiki Two class begins with a clearing and protection discipline to assist in assimilating the information being taught and to protect you from any unwanted energies that you may be exposed to as others release that which they no longer need. 

Reiki Two is a natural continuation of the Reiki One attunement. Just as the Reiki One class helped to open your intuitive channel a little more, Reiki Two increases that energy to open and aid your understanding of it as well.

In the Reiki Two class you will be attuned to two symbols. These symbols will allow you to access the mental and emotional planes of those you treat, as well as move the energy through time and space to help balance and ease old wounds from issues that have happened long ago.

Reiki Two allows you to address issues that are on the mental and emotional plain prior to them becoming denser, and lodging on the physical plain causing excessive disease and discomfort.

In this class you will learn how to:

  • How to determine the level of your clients imbalances

  • The history of Reiki and how it applies to you

  • How to draw the attunement symbols

  • How to use these symbols in multiple ways

  • How to access and ease issues from the recent and distant past

You will also learn how to ground yourself and your clients effectively and quickly to insure that make their way home safely.

Reiki Three Description


In this class as with others your energy will be cleared and protection will be placed around you to support and protect you from unwanted energies and to assist you to assimilate clearly what is being taught.

This class is begun as a Reiki practitioner and completed as a Reiki Master.

During the class I will briefly review information from prior Reiki levels.  I will also introduce you to some adjunct items and methods to support your Reiki practice and instruct you on their use.

You will be introduced to some of the business aspects of being a Reiki Practitioner. You will receive forms that are useful to use in your practice whether you plan on using Reiki for personal or professional reasons.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to connect to your highest Reiki guide

  • A new grounding and protection method

  • Multiple symbols to address various ailments

  • How to pass the Reiki attunements to others