Crystal Intuitive Readings

"Crystals are the memory keepers of the Universe," as such they have absorbed a lot of information about people, situations, and events that have come and gone. They have witnessed what works for our highest and best and what seems to fall short. Their sensitivity allows them to pick up on our level of vibration and pass on the information necessary to stabilize, change or enhance that condition. Crystals are included in the Elemental Kingdom. Those that belong to the Elemental Kingdom were placed on Earth to support and nurture those of us living here. As such, they are more than willing to support and offer us insights in how to live our best life possible.
Most people are looking into various areas of their lives to gain insight on how to proceed for their highest and best good. In a Crystal reading we accomplish this using the following method to offer us some solutions to the problems these areas have presented. Often times, your Angels, Guides, Guardians and Ancestors will present with further information or to demonstrate their support of you. 

Marilyn communicates directly with these minerals, receives information from them and passes that on to you. She also receives information as to  which crystals will best support your desired path as you move forward.

This process will continue until we are at the end of your reading,  at which time we will ask for advice about which crystals will support you as your move forward with your life.