Magnified Healing®



Magnified Healing of the God Most High of the Universe®

Prior to 1983 Magnified Healing was practiced by the Ascended Masters in the higher realms to treat themselves, as well as under special dispensation, the earth and humanity. In 1991, Lady Master Kwan Yin was tasked with bringing this method to be taught to the Light workers of the Earth. She approached Kathryn Anderson and Gisele King and taught them this method of healing. After much urging of the two, they presented their first workshop in 1992. The number of those who practice and teach Magnified Healing has grown exponentially since it was first brought to Earth and is now being practiced all over the world.

Magnified Healing differs from many other energetic treatments. In most energetic practices the facilitator becomes a conduit and passes the energy from its inception to the client to create balance or healing.

In the Magnified Healing Discipline the facilitator becomes the Magnified Healing Energy and passes through the person, place, or thing that is being healed.

It is a palpable sensation that most are easily able to feel.


Treatment Description

A Magnified Healing treatment takes from half an hour to forty five minutes typically. The client and I meet and go over a brief history and set our treatment goals, and then begin. The client is typically seated on the treatment table as the practitioner’s hands will be placed one in front and one behind for various parts of the treatment. The client remains clothed at all times. If necessary the client may sit in a chair or stand to receive treatment.

The practitioner begins by sensitizing, awakening, rewiring and connecting the nervous system. This is done in a non- invasive way which is gentle and nurturing.  Once that is completed the facilitator scans and heals the body, then moves on to stimulate the calcium on the spine, and balance the chakras. Healing of karma begins at this point and the treatment moves on to expand the three fold flame, building of the light body and preparation for ascension.

The treatment ends in gratitude and grace for both client and facilitator.

Magnified Healing can be done at a distance however karma is not treated during distant healing.

Class Description


The Magnified Healing class is begun in sacred space set up prior to students entering the class. After introductions are made the facilitator begins the class with a brief history of Magnified Healing.

In this class you will learn:

  • About the Divine I AM Presence and the Causal Body

  • Meditation for empowerment

  • Alignment of the Spiritual Centers

  • How to Clear the Light Channel

  • How to increase the energy in the hands 1000 fold

  • How to Sensitize, Rewire and Connect the nervous system

  • How to Scan/heal the body and Balance the Chakras

  • How to Heal Karma

  • How to Expand the Three Fold Flame

  • How to build the Light Body

  • The preparation for Ascension

  • How to do distant healing

  • Healing of the Earth

You will also learn about the Magnified Healing Essence and how to use it. During the initiation procedure Kwan Yin promises to be present to work through the facilitator and personally oversee each initiate. At the completion of this class you will be certified as a Master Teacher in Magnified Healing® of the God Most High of the Universe