Energetic Healing and Protection

Treatment Description



Energy Clearing and Protection is a process which neutralizes and clears things that are hooked into your being that are causing you harm, discomfort, or interfering with you experiencing life in the best way you can.  There are many things that occur in life that can deplete your energy. Things that take place at home, work, socially and personally all can cause unwanted blocks and drains in our energy. With this treatment you will notice a change in how you experience your life almost immediately. This process has worked for even those who have regularly tried to remove negative patterns, people, and associations and may not have been able to clear them all.

Initially and prior to arriving to an Energy clearing and protection session, a sacred space will be created to protect you while you are releasing and reestablishing a healthy vibration.

We will then determine what areas of your life are being affected.

At that time we will look into what exactly is hooked into your energy and creating the discord. 

These things will sometimes have manifested as:

  • Negative or self-defeating patterns of behavior

  • Draining relationships

  • Unresolved emotions

  • Past-life connections and beliefs

  • Negative and false beliefs around prosperity

Once we have targeted these areas, we will begin a three-step process of removal, transmutation and establishing what will be most beneficial within your life.

At that time, we will set up a protective space around you that will continue protecting and supporting your new vibration.

Class Description


When you enter this class you will step into an area of sacred space that has been created to support and protect your energy while you are learning the steps of this process.  As we move through this class you will learn:

  • What energy is

  • How energy is affected

  • How to responsibly approach changing it

  • How to support and protect your desired changes

We will also go over the use of kinesiology and dowsing to determine innate truth, as well as how to troubleshoot polarity reversal. We will then, explore and discuss how to determine the root causes of the attachments that affect the energy of our lives as well as the most direct route for avoiding picking up more.

Some of the other items we will be covering are the differences between affirmations and invocations and how to use both to create the vibration you are most comfortable in.

We will then, move into the practical application of clearing for oneself, others and situations. 

Once you have learned the process of clearing, you will learn how to establish an area of support and protection around yourself that will effectively create a barrier between you and negative attachments as you move through your life.

We will have a question and answer period at the end of the class to clarify any areas that you may still have questions about.

As with all of my classes, I am available by phone for continued support as you use begin to practice this method out of the classroom.