Marilyn Donna Ferraro

Reverend Marilyn Donna Ferraro is a long time student of the Esoteric Healing Arts. As a child, she noticed the subtle differences in the energies surrounding her. This began a journey of experimentation and fact finding that has spanned more than 50 years. The drive to understand these energies, coupled with the developing wisdom and emotional curves of adolescence through adulthood, led her to various schools, jobs and relationships. This allowed her a wealth of experiences to further explore, recognize and use the assortment of energies surrounding not only her, but those with whom she interacted.

Marilyn was ordained a Divinity Spiritual Minister. She has earned certifications and teaches, as well as, offers treatments in the following modalities: Massage, Reiki, Sonic Reiki, Magnified Healing, Crystal Healing, Integrated Energy Technique, Graphic Arts, Intuitive Guidance, Spiritual Counseling, Dowsing, Energy Clearing and Protection, Crystal Readings and Guided Meditation. Marilyn has also developed another form of healing known as Soul Balance™ which facilitates the release of fears, blockages, obsessive and destructive attachments, energetic and spiritual harassment while returning you to a deep state of reflective awareness and calm repose.

Marilyn has earned degrees in liberal arts from Community College of Allegheny County, an Associate’s in specialized technology from the Ivy School of Professional Art, and a certification from Career Training Academy in Comprehensive Massage Therapy. Marilyn also holds certification in the following: The Unlimited Reiki System™ Usui System of Natural Healing: Traditional Japanese Reiki, Crystology, Magnified Healing of the God Most High of the Universe, Divinity Spiritual Healing, Divinity Spiritual Intuitive Practitioner, and Soul Detective. Utilizing what she has learned about crystals and art Marilyn creates personalized crystal jewelry to allow her to help her clients align with and hold the energy that they are working on developing. 

Marilyn created and developed an online presence in the Awakening Within Group in which she taught intuitive awareness classes globally for three years. Following the development of Awakening Within, Marilyn taught massage therapy at Sanford Brown Institute in Pittsburgh. She is also known for teaching classes in Pittsburgh at the AVANI Institute, Indian Summer Gifts, and Oneness through Awareness, in Florida at Sunny Days, and in Canada at Six Nations Reservation.

She has been a featured speaker at the “Three Rivers Healing Arts Festival” and “Keys to Living Expo,” both in Pittsburgh. She has also been a featured speaker and panelist on the topic of “Crystology” at the Universal Light Expo in Ohio.

Marilyn Ferraro has several locations she practices in throughout the Pittsburgh area. She also offers a full range of services  by phone including “Crystal Readings”, “Intuitive Guidance”, and distance healing utilizing the following methods “Energy Clearing and Protection”, “Reiki”, “Magnified Healing®," and “Crystal Healing” through the use of grid work. For over two decades, Marilyn has developed, consulted, and created a path for others to pursue and follow to enlightenment successfully.